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'Is this really what I'm looking for? (A final 'Reality Check')

"I've come to strongly believe that Ivy-league universities, let alone less selective yet equally expensive ones (e.g., Boston U., Emory, Marquette, Syracuse, Tulane, U.S.C., U of Miami, Villanova) aren't worth the money. In my view, the middle class would be wisest to choose a college based primarily on price and geography."

"Many, many students, having mortgaged their family's financial security by attending an expensive private college, graduate feeling disillusioned, even ripped off."

(Marty Nemko - 'Why Your Kids Shouldn't Go to Harvard - even if they could get in')

Selection of an educational facility, after a student's close personal evaluation of their own life objectives, is the best way to avoid the all-too-common disappointment of unmet expectations (as well as the possibility of wasting four productive years, spending a considerable amount of money and having no practical and reliable skills to show for it!)

A student's personal foundation of maturity, perspective and right relationship to God is the critical component to finding immediate contentment and discovering future success. (Psalms 127:1)

We've designed an informal (and free!) 'Reality 'Check' quiz that you can use to determine your level of practical reliance on Christ's sovereignty and to prepare you for getting the most out of what Reality College has to offer.

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*Dr. Marty Nemko is among the nation's most sought-after experts on both career and education issues. Dr. Nemko's extensive credentials and biography can be found online at:

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