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Glynn Beck

"I have earned a BS and MS (Masters of Science) degree, but the things that I use the most are the things that I learned as a kid. Working with my hands, understanding a problem, being able to work with what you have to solve the problem. That's a skill.
I want my son to understand that he can get a college education and study his heart out while getting it, but that college education is not his security. Security will be the fact that he can do a lot of things.
Earning a college education tells an employer that you are able to learn. However, most employers will retrain you on the job and much of what they teach you was not learned in college. I would love to quit my job and attend Reality College."
- Glynn Beck (Evansville, Indiana)

Greg Jones

"As an adult over 40 who had struggled for years with both personal and professional stability, I was encouraged to consider Reality College's 'Seven Areas of Life' training. As a highly trained computer professional I was skeptical of such a broad 'Full-Life' approach to education. However, the transformation of my personal life and relationships, as a result of this training, has been nothing short of amazing. My marriage, family, and professional relationships have grown stronger and my own stability and accomplishments have increased - tremendously. I truly wish that I had found such training before I was 20. It is my sincerest desire to encourage as many people as possible to take advantage of what Reality College has to offer."
- Greg Jones (Phoenix, Arizona)

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Reality College is a division of Total Life Ministries, Inc. a faith-based, non-profit, tax exempt organization incorporated in the state of Arizona.
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