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Don't Colleges and Universities have the best educators?

"All of the rewards for promotion and tenure have very little to do with teaching and everything to do with how many articles a professor can publish. The late Ernest Boyer, former vice president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, said, 'Winning the campus distinguished teaching award is the kiss of death when it comes time for tenure.' "

(Dr. Marty Nemko* - 'America's Most Overrated Product: Undergraduate Education')

When evaluating post high school education, serious effort must be made to identify the true objectives of the institution -- and how it's performance compares to your own expectations and standards.

The majority of colleges are run as a 'business' and are therefore primarily interested in the profits available to them.

"The predominant mode of instruction in the new millennium is the same
mode of instruction used in Socrates' time: the lecture... Why? Because colleges are a business like any other business, and the lecture is the lowest-cost way of disseminating knowledge."

(Dr. Marty Nemko* - 'America's Most Overrated Product: Undergraduate Education')

When the objective of a college or university's 'education' is simply to provide 'knowledge', and no mechanism for practical application exists -- no resulting 'transformation' of the student occurs. This results in the student becoming nothing more than a glorified spectator (and a revenue source for the institution).

"In 1990, Harvard's endowment was three BILLION dollars, already a huge sum. Their endowment now is twenty billion dollars. And what did they do with the extra money? Did they rebate it to the students? No. They increased their tuition, and not only did they increase it, they increased at more than the level of inflation. Colleges have been left to go unaccountable and, like any other business, they will make as much money as they can."

(Dr. Marty Nemko* - 'America's Most Overrated Product: Undergraduate Education')

('Is this really what I'm looking for?' - A Final Reality Check)

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*Dr. Marty Nemko is among the nation's most sought-after experts on both career and education issues. Dr. Nemko's extensive credentials and biography can be found online at:


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