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What's wrong with 'Higher Education'?

"When a small percentage of Firestone's tires were defective, the news media wouldn't relent in criticizing the company until it was brought to the brink of bankruptcy. Yet, every year, colleges turn out thousands of defective products -- drop-outs and undereducated graduates -- without consequence."

(Dr. Marty Nemko* - Chronicle of Higher Education)

As more generations progress through our disintegrating culture, families lose their closeness and significance. This leaves many young adults without the necessary skills (normally developed at home) to cope with complex circumstances and relationships.

How many highly educated people do we see around us that are a 'whiz' intellectually, but yet are a disaster emotionally, financially and relationally?

"Imagine if your physician prescribed a long, expensive treatment and failed to disclose that it probably would fail. What would you do? Right: You'd sue and win! Yet college leaders routinely don't disclose the odds of their 'treatment' working, and people not only DON'T sue, but they continue to support them richly with tax dollars and alumni donations."

(Dr. Marty Nemko* - Chronicle of Higher Education)

God may not have provided us with a manual for building a rocket ship to the Moon, but all practical, relational and spiritual elements needed for a long, satisfying and productive life are found clearly in the Scriptures (2 Peter 1:3).

This information, when empowered by an intimate walk with Him, produces maturity, stability, confidence and a capability that will accompany a student throughout their entire life -- thus significantly impacting their family, work, community and culture.

(So, just how much should a good education cost?)

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*Dr. Marty Nemko is among the nation's most sought-after experts on both career and education issues. Dr. Nemko's extensive credentials and biography can be found online at:

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