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Course Overviews

1st Year Courses Beyond the practical training and knowledge, the student's first year focuses primarily on a personal, intimate, dynamic relationship with God. The courses are also designed to develop the skills necessary for effective learning, a healthy lifestyle, setting the foundation for the student's financial future, and interpersonal and social skills. Along with a personal discipler to integrate the learning, there will be numerous opportunities for practical life experiences as well as the development of both job and trade skills.

2nd Year Courses 85% of all college graduates in the United States don't end up with a career in their degreed field of study. Additionally they are not taught the basic understanding and skills for an effective life. Therefore, the second year expands to include such life topics as relationships, marriage, parenting, and effective corporate spiritual life. There will also be additional opportunities for the development of advanced job and trade skills, which for many may include starting a business.

3rd Year Courses The goal of the final year is the development of the student's personal ministry and worldview. They are equipped to teach what they've learned and are trained how to counsel and disciple others in all Seven Areas of Life. Having discovered their gifts, they are prepared to impact the world for the sake of the Kingdom in whatever life vocation they choose.

The end objective of Reality College is that we 'proclaim Christ, admonishing every man (person) and teaching every man (person) with all wisdom that we may present every man (person) complete in Christ'. (Colossians 1:28)

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Reality College is a division of Total Life Ministries, Inc. a faith-based, non-profit, tax exempt organization incorporated in the state of Arizona.
We can be reached at 800-419-2891 or or 5740 E Shea Blvd - Scottsdale, Arizona - 85254