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Just how much should a good education cost? (and how much is it worth when I'm done!?)

"A definitive review of the literature (Astin, 1997) finds absolutely no relationship between a college's cost and the amount of learning that accrues."

(Dr. Marty Nemko* - 'Why Your Kids Shouldn't Go to Harvard - even if they could get in')

Our culture heavily promotes the fallacy that 'an academic education is the key to success'. This just isn't so. Without a foundation of solid character, moral perspective, critical thinking, and relational common sense -- all we're seeing is a generation of impatient, self-focused, self-indulgent, whiney, intolerant brats (sound like a familiar group?).

 "...growth occurs primarily one-on-one, not in large lecture classes... we need to do more to encourage peer mentoring and faculty/student mentoring."

(Dr. Marty Nemko* - 'America's Most Overrated Product: Undergraduate Education')

Students who grew up with a lack (or complete absence) of one-on-one mentoring are typically ill-equipped to adapt to the ever-changing environments of society and the job market. Even those who had this kind of instruction growing up are not likely to find more of it in our constantly degrading 'educational' system.

So, just how much is a practical, life-skills-based education worth?Reality College emphasizes a full-life approach to individually preparing each student for a lifetime of satisfying and productive Kingdom work regardless of their chosen vocation -- and at a fraction of the cost of a typical college education.

Any investment made in our program is monitored, measured and evaluated by the students themselves - and completely covered by our results-oriented, money-back guarantee.

We are so confident of the results that students will achieve that we will refund their tuition for any trimester they are not satisfied with - period. How many of today's institutions of 'Higher Learning' offer that kind of quality assurance? 

"In the last 35 years alone, we have bet $3 Trillion in tax dollars that we can improve the schools. Unfortunately, we've lost the bet. According to our educational assessment's 'Gold Standard' -- the National Assessment of Educational Progress -- student achievement has barely budged since NAEP began measuring the impacts of the school reform movement in 1969! In international comparisons, American students score near the bottom among industrialized nations. Even our top students are now sinking compared with other countries' best students."

(Dr. Marty Nemko* - 'How to Fix the Schools') 

(Hey, but aren't these the professionals?)

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*Dr. Marty Nemko is among the nation's most sought-after experts on both career and education issues. Dr. Nemko's extensive credentials and biography can be found online at:

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