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Code of Honor:

I hereby recognize that, as a New Testament community, Reality College considers my intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, as personal Lord and Savior, to be an integral part of my practical education.


I COVENANT to grow spiritually by developing my own relationship with Jesus through prayer and the reading of the Word.

I COVENANT to cultivate good relationships socially with others and to seek to love others as I love myself. I will not lie, I will not steal, I will not curse and I will not be involved in gossip.

I COVENANT to keep myself under subjection from all immoral and illegal acts and habits, whether on or off campus. I will refrain from illegal drugs, illicit sexual acts, or engaging in other behavior that is contrary to the Scriptures.

I COVENANT to maintain an integrity of "openness" to God's claims on my life, and to do my utmost to know and follow His will for my life.

I COVENANT To respect the things of God; the vision, the leadership, the faculty and staff, and my fellow classmates.

I COVENANT to responsibly serve in the area of my choice with integrity and a humble heart of servanthood.

I COVENANT to attend class as required, chapel services, and to regularly attend a local church.

I COVENANT to apply myself wholeheartedly to my academic studies and my mind for the glory of God.

I COVENANT to fulfill all financial obligations that I enter into while enrolled at Reality College.

I COVENANT to abide by the rules and regulations which may from time to time be adopted by the College Administration.

I understand also that Reality College is a private school and I therefore have no vested rights in the governing of the school. I accept my attendance at Reality College as a PRIVILEGE and NOT a right. The College reserves the right to require the withdrawal of a student upon the judgment of the Discipline Committee under the direction of the President.

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Reality College is a division of Total Life Ministries, Inc. a faith-based, non-profit, tax exempt organization incorporated in the state of Arizona.
We can be reached at 800-419-2891 or or 5740 E Shea Blvd - Scottsdale, Arizona - 85254