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Second Year Courses

Following is a complete listing of each course offered at Reality College during the student's second year (categorized by the Seven Areas of Life). You can scroll down through the page or simply click on the links below to 'jump' directly to a specific area.

  • Spiritual
  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Marital
  • Parental
  • Practical

  • Spiritual

    Brokenness is a way to blessing. This class will present the principle, the purpose, the process, the protest and the promise of Brokenness.

    The World without Christ
    This class will disclose the incredible ramifications to society had Christ never come. It will also contrast the phenomenal impact His life has had to all of society, whether Christian or not.

    Law & Grace
    This course will contrast the Old and New Testaments as well as the effects of Law and Grace for life in general and specifically for the believer.

    This course will address the doctrine of Justification. In so doing, the student will be presented clearly with the differences between 'religion' and Christianity, 'works' and faith, and ultimately the incredible gift imputed to every believer.

    The Personality of God
    This course will display the triune personality of God. It will allow the student to recognize God as a person who desires to have an intimate relationship with every human being. It will also help the student to recognize his own personality as created 'in God's image'.

    The various courses under this subject will consist of the foundations of discipling, the qualifications of a disciple, the reasons for discipleship, the discipling process and the four-generation principle.

    The Purpose Driven Life
    This course will help you understand why you are alive and God's amazing plan for your life - both here and now, and for eternity. It will help you develop a blueprint for Christian living in the 21st century based on God's eternal purposes, not cultural values.

    Spiritual Gifts
    This course will describe the potentially 27 different spiritual gifts. It will be the objective of this class to help each student discover their personal spiritual gifts.

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    Advanced Memory
    This course will help a student more effectively use his God-given mental capacity for recall.

    Speed Reading II
    This course is designed to reinforce the skills taught in Speed Reading I.

    Personal Development (Attitudes & Habits)
    This course will teach the necessary attitudes and habits for personal development. It will also assist the student in creating his or her own plan for lifetime personal development.

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    Health Remedies
    This course is designed to provide the student with many practical, natural health home remedies for common maladies.

    Physical Fitness II
    This course will be the understanding of the human body and it's design for physical health. It will also help each student develop a personal plan to create and maintain optimal lifetime health and physical fitness.

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    Developing Friendships
    This course is a powerful guide to why we need friends, our individual capacities for friendship, right ways to make friends and keep them, how to heal wounded friendships, and friendships with non-Christians.

    World Religions II
    This class will give the student a comparison of the religions of the world to Christianity and the basis of relating the Gospel to all cultures.

    Job Applications & Resumes
    This course will give the student not only the knowledge for building a resume and applying for work, but the practical experience of doing both.

    Starting a Business
    This course will provide the basic ingredients necessary for the starting of a business. It will also provide the practical experience of starting a business under the supervision and instruction of qualified mentors.

    Biblical Leadership
    This course will be the study of the books of Luke and Mark wherein God illustrates His view and requirements for servant leadership. It will also provide the basic instruction for effective Biblical leadership in the environments of home, business and community.

    Building Project (Elective)
    This course will be a practical, hands-on building project giving the student the opportunity to experience the entire construction process from start to finish. (This is one of two elective courses from which the student can choose their greater area of interest.)

    Kitchen Project (Elective)
    This course will be an opportunity for the student to develop their culinary skills as well as to compile recipes and menus for future use.(This is one of two elective courses from which the student can choose their greater area of interest.)

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    Investing (Stocks/Bonds)
    This course will provide the student with the basic understanding for investing in stocks or bonds. It will include learning basic vocabulary and market principles.

    Investing (Gold/Silver)
    This course will provide the student with the basic understanding for investing in gold and silver. It will include learning basic vocabulary and market principles.

    Successful Negotiating
    This course will provide the student with the understanding and skills to more effectively negotiate opposing views or transactions.

    These courses will consist of the general purposes of insurance, and their specific application with regard to health, home, life and personal property.

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    Dating & Courtship
    This course will profile both the cultural and spiritual history of dating and courtship and will assist the student in understanding the distinctions between them and the making of personal choices regarding their exclusive, opposite-sex relationships.

    Choosing a Mate
    This course will provide the student with the basic understanding of the Biblical principles and guidelines for effectively choosing a mate.

    A Biblical Portrait of Marriage
    This course covers the partnership aspect of marriage and the roles and responsibilities of couples. It also tackles marriage's toughest problems: in-laws, money, sex, romance, communication and loyalty.

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    (These courses are taught during the third year)

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    Practical Application

    Discipleship time is spent with the Student's discipler, helping the student to integrate the Reality College teachings into practical life experience. Apprenticeship time is spent with mentors to help the student develop a variety of skills and trades.

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